About Us

Sound Equity was founded in 2007 during one of the most difficult periods in the history of residential real estate. Surrounded by defaulted loans and property foreclosures, this challenge required us to acquire the most reliable capital available in a diminishing lending environment.


In 2007, our founders were motivated by multi-million dollar foreclosures at trustee sales in the Northwest. We quickly discovered that reliable, scalable capital wasn’t available to trustee sale investors and in 2008 began loaning funds on the court house steps in Norwalk, CA to meet the exploding demand caused by the real estate bubble. In no time, we outgrew our founders’ capital and since then have raised and funded hundreds of millions in investment capital throughout various West Coast Markets.

Today, we lend tens of millions per month by providing high-levels of customer service, loan process efficiencies, honesty, integrity, high LTVs and competitive rates.